Why Does Ecology Matter?

We’re bringing you a round up of news and views on all things environmental. IES Consulting is an ecological consultancy based in the south west of England, and we’ve been working in the industry for over 16 years. We’ve worked in planning authorities, for Natural England, and in consultancies large and small. So we’re well placed to bring you all the latest environmental topics.

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This newsletter will have a definite UK slant, but we’ll bring you news and views from around the world too.

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It’s going to be a weekly thing, with breaking news bulletins as and when something interesting happens. You’ll get a minimum of 4 posts a month, a mix of subscriber-only content and posts open to everyone.

So what are we planning to include?

Well, it’s going to be a mix - tales from the front line of ecology, weird and wonderful things we’ve seen on site, the latest news on environmental legislation and policy, and things we think are interesting about the natural world.

We’ll include some stuff about protected species licencing, a bit of discussion on what surveys you can do when, and some tips on how you can do good things for nature in your own green space. And we welcome your questions!

Is this for professionals? Interested amateurs? People with a general interest in the environment?

Yes! We’re planning to bring you content which covers all those bases. From tips for ecologists just starting out in their careers, to information for people who are utterly confused by things like the issues around general licences, but want to understand more.

A lot of the more technical information will be for subscribers only, so if that’s what you’re looking for, sign up! We’ll remind you when survey seasons are starting (and ending!), and bring you the latest news on updates to guidance and policy.

We’ll also be bringing you tips on how to make your garden more nature-friendly, and some posts on how to tell a bit more about the wildlife you’ve spotted. Plus info on how you can do some low-key activism in your every day life, and make the planet a bit greener, in small ways - perfect for laypeople who just want to make an everyday difference.

What about my personal data?

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What if you stop writing the newsletter?

If we stop the newsletter and you’ve paid for an annual subscription, we’ll give you a pro-rata refund.

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